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Last update: 06/12/2013

Spreading the Transylvanian Plague since 2000
Mirgilus Siculorum was born out of hell's unholy cunt at the ends of this Millennium. We would like to avoid controversy, but we were probably the first online metal magazine from our country. At least we did not heard of any other Romanian e-zine before our "apparition on the scene", but if we are wrong -which we are not- at least we are still present, unlike the other fake underground poser zines, which came out like mushrooms after rain and then disappear into oblivion.
When we started we didn't have a home internet connection, facebook, myspace, blogs, lastfm and other craps were not born yet, and we did not had a personal computer back then (!), which seems quite unbelievable when I recall those times...We wrote our first reviews on paper, then go to some crappy net-cafe, type it in WordPad, then upload it to the geocities.com server, which we were used back then. Things got certainly better, now we're on .com, have our own server, no more annoying pop-ups, just information. Of course this will not mean that we will bring you the same boring news which almost every online magazine seems to deliver, we will more concentrate on reviews and interviews, and eventually 1 or 2 "news", which we think are important, that's all.
Our purpose is the support of the real underground. Mostly metal and Black Metal-related underground. By underground we definitely don't mean "amateur and bad-sounding bedroom black metal with superevil and true atmosphere made by kids, who cannot even tune their instruments". Of course we support raw music, we support true black metal, we support industrial noise music, and we support a lot...but don't expect to support a band, just because it's not mainstream.
Phrases like "if you are not in metal, you are not my friend" and other bullshit like that does not work for us, as we enjoy quite a lot of non-metal music, like ambient, drone/space, noise, power-electronics, folk/neo-folk and the list could go on.
From 2005 we started our printed magazine Cross of Black Steel, which actually is not the printed version of our online activity. First of all, most of our online writings are in Hungarian, the printed zine is in English. Then: not all the reviews presented on web will automatically have a place in our printed magazine. Then: some articles (reviews, interviews, etc.) are present only in the printed version, and not online, and also vice-versa.
All the promos which we are receiving will be reviewed on these pages, but please think twice before you are sending a promo. We are not a charity corporation, we have our own vision, we have our own ideas, beliefs and opinions, so please stop complaining about the reviews we write. You must understand that opinion (=review) is never 100% objective. If you feel hurt by any contains, please stop visiting our page and go have some fun on messenger, go and start a controversy on a forum, go and make a twitter page, register on facebook, walk the dog, shave your genitals, play some football, relax, or just simply go and get a life!
"I come from a land
of systematic erasure of optimism and positiveness
You don't want to encourage me
Slowly corroding your fortified norm
Leaving you bitter, grim and sober
With rigid cramp or silent fear
I strangle what you do hold dear
With rigid cramp or silent fear
evoking addiction, limp, severe
It's sin again
Like charcoal on flaming nuns
Consistence unknown like early black metal"


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